The extra virgin olive oil we produce in the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza BÉTICA ACEITERA is a genuine natural product without chemical addition or intervention, a real olive juice which, ours specifically, present an acidity between 0,18º and 0,19º (notice that it is far below the established limit,  0,30º).



Pico Cabañas

Pico Cabañas is our trademark since 2001, with which we have commercialized our oil in the past decades. We have packaged Royal and Picual oil varieties. These packaging can be customized according to the consumer, according to market tendencies. The name of our brand is referring to the second highest peak in Sierra de Cazorla, Cabañas Peak.


Pico Cabañas PRIMUS

In the 60th campaign of the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza BÉTICA ACEITERA we will produce, for the first time, an extra virgin olive oil from the first days of harvest, which we call ‘green oil’, with the name PRIMUS (this term comes from latin and means first, initial, leading, eminent, principal, distinguished, notable, conspicuous).

PRIMUS oil is commercialized in two varieties, Royal and Picual, with new bottling in order to house a new, peak-shaped label as a visual reference to the name of our brand and achieving differentiation in linear sales.

All brand products will use the peak - label - as a visual reference that reinforces the semantics of the brand. The new packaging is intended to distinguish one of the vest olive juices in the world.

Pico Cabañas PRIMUS - Picual