Food quality and healthcare

Quality control


Fisrt of, once harvest season arrives, our experts analyze the olives from the trees to make sure that they are mature and in perfect conditions. When the olives reach that optimum point, the harvest begins.


Our up-to-date facilities (2009) guarantee the milling of the olives within 12 hours after being harvested. Once the oil has been extracted, it undergoes several chemical tests with the following analytical specifications:


Acidity: 0,18º Royal, 0,19º Picual (average values)
Peroxides: 16 meq 02/Kg (maximum value)
Absorbance uv k270: 0,15 maximum
Absorbance uv k232: 1,85 maximum
Humidity: 0,1% maximum
Impurities: 0,1% maximum


After chemical analysis, the oil undergoes rigurous tasting by a jury composed of 8 or more qualified experts to differenciate smell and taste. Once it has passed this test, the olive oil we bottle will hve exceptional taste and smell, guaranteed.


La Bética Aceitera's dedication to quality is supported by:


  • Integral food security programs
  • The most thorough quality measures
  • Education in nutrition to help people understand the benefits of every day olive oil consumption
  • Continuous improvements through investigation and innovation
  • Relentless effort in order to enhance our workers's security, as of our environment.