The Corporate Visual Image Andalusian of the Cooperative Society BÉTICA ACEITERA is a reproduction of ‘Aceituneros’ - harvesters - (1952) painted by the well known painter Rafael Zabaleta, representative of the "Spanish expressionist realism" and born in Quesada (1907-1960) . 

Cuadro "Aceituneros" de 1952 de Rafael Zulueta llevado a la marca Pico Cabanas y representado en un azulejo de la fachada de la Cooperativa Bética Aceitera.


The Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza 'La Bética Aceitera' was founded on June 16, 1954 under the name Cooperative and Rural Safety 'La Baetica Oil' and endorsed by the General Meeting on 17 June 1954. The first campaign took place between 1954 and 1955. 

Its implementation started from Tomás Marín Malo with seven harvesters, which kicked off with a mill in Quesada made ​​by a courtyard, a factory and a warehouse located in approximately 700 square meters facilities, and was equipped with traditional machinery of that time, as were the presses, rollers and mixers.

Currently, and over the years, the ‘Sociedad Cooperativa La Bética Aceitera de Quesada’, which was honored in 1972 with the Silver Medal by the Union Olivo, has become one of the most renowned oilers mills for its modern art facilities in Andalusia, that place them among the first companies in Spain, and therefore the world, since our country is the leading producer of olive oil.


Our facilities have changed from the 700 squared meters in 1954 to 66.000 squared meters in 2009. The current oil press uses the most advanced technology up to date. Our factory recycles water by depuration and even stores rainwater to use it for watering.


Our oil press is among the 5 mills in Spain that can grind the most, being able to mill up to 1.2 million kg per day.




The extra virgin olive oil produced by La Bética meet the highest of quality standards, which, in other words, is La Bética's standard. Our first value is to elaborate a magnificent product as well as boost local economy with our solidary effort with the cooperatives.


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    66.000 m2.

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