Quesada is placed at the foot of a mountain chain that bears the same name, where the river Guadalquivir, river which divides and structures Andalucía, is born. The access to the city is from the autonomic highway A-315 from the North, coming from Torreperogil, and from the South coming from Huesa. In Torreperogil, pick the N-322 Córdoba-Requena (Valencia) with communicates with the A-4 and A-44 placed at 80 km from Jaén, 180 km from Granada and Córdoba and 330 km from Sevilla and Madrid. From Huesa and facing south, it connects with the A-92, linking it to the South and South-East of the peninsula.


The nearest airports are Federico García Lorca (Granada-Jaén), San Pablo (Sevilla) and Adolfo Suárez (Madrid). However, a Helicopter landing pad can be found at our oil press in La Bética

Quesada, there where the olives come from. Quesada has almost 6.000 inhabitants, and traces of ancestral settlements in non-accessible caves and Bronze Era settlements, and even a Roman villa, Bruñel, which is currently being restored, where magnificent II b.C. and IV b.C. centuries mosaics can be found. Its economy is mainly focused on olive farming and oil manufacturing, and also cereal farming and minor industrial activities.

‘Sierra de Cazorla’, Protected Appellation.

It is the name of a region which designates an agricultural product with differential characteristics, and reaches the market with considerable prestige, wide dissemination and permanent nature. This means that our oil is originary from Cazorla, that the quality of the product is obtained thanks to the geography with its natural and human factors, and that the production, transformation, elaboration (even packaging) are carried out in a specific area.


This Appellation hosts more than a dozen cooperatives and companies which produce the extra virgin olive oil in those localities surrounding the west side of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park, with a total surface area of 37.500 ha.


The main objective is to protect the Extra Virgin Olive Oils which, meeting the properties defined in the Regulation, have successfully fulfilled during  the production - harvest - elaboration and packaging all the requirements stated in the Regulation.